Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Girls Play and Cookies

Thought I would post some pic's of my cute girls!!! I couldn't get Cambry and Autumn to both smile at me, so I had to settle for one!!!
Autumn giggling while Bryli lets loose her shrill cry!!! She will be able to compete with the other two. The mother's curse has come true with this little ones set of pipes. You do NOT hold her up on your shoulders next to your ears if she is crying!!!

Autumn being very sweet with Bryli. I love this picture!!!

Autumn came in to watch me bathe Bryli. She even helped a little, by trying to stuff the bink back in Bryli's mouth!!!

Making cookies with daddy. Autumn drove Cambry nuts by squishing the cookies as flat as possible!!

Ryan's family came up the next weekend when everyone was feeling better. Here is little McKayde and G-ma Baadsgaard checking out Bryli. Everytime she cried g-ma would laugh. It's hard to believe that one so small can make that much noise!!!

My sweetheart and his littlest girls!!

Yep, this is Ryan's favorite place to be when he gets home. In a blanket with his little ones in his arms and something good on tv!!! My marshmallow!!

Here's Bryli having some "tummy" time. Her hair is still here and nice and fluffy!! She's not so sure about "tummy" time, but we know it's good for her!!

She has a bit of a mohawk!!! How fun!

Ryan's family stayed at a hotel, so we all got to go over and swim! The kids loved it, and we all had our hands full chasing them all around.

Daddy eating some breakfast and holding his little girl!!

Auntie Shay and her two little guys, Brocston and McKayde.

Autumn and daddy having some play time!!!

All the little ones playing and having fun, while sister and brother are gabbing away about friends back home.


Blogger shumaker clan said...

Sounds like you have had your fair share of fun already with 3 girls. The pool looks like it was fun with all the kids.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

Heidi, I can almost swear that I recommended that name, but it was spelled differently. I love it. Bryli. What a cute little family. I love to see a dad with his daughters like Ryan. Densie

8:29 PM  

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