Friday, April 03, 2009

The Love of Little Ones

Puker up my buttercup!!
G-ma playing with little Autumn.

G-ma playing the piano with Cambry!

Carson holding Bryli!

Lainey holding Bryli.

Bubba holding Bryli.

Great-G-ma holding Bryli.

Mommy's turn to hold her!!

Bead time for Cambry. This is one of the favorite crafts that my kids do at G-ma's and G-pa's. I have a bunch of fish, cats, dogs, and other various items that the kids have made and melted at g-ma's house. They love it and it seems to help with their creativitiy!!! Who needs a picture example, these kids will amaze you with their own ideas!?!?

G-pa getting in some fun times too. Cambry and Autumn love books, and who better to read you a story than your grandpa!

Just Chillin'.
Hanging out with Papa.

So a strange question. What does everyone else do with their gingerbread houses at the end of the holiday's??? I let my girls take their's outside, and eat what they wanted, then they got to break them all up and throw them into the bottom of the big garbage can. They seemed to enjoy it, and the mess was outside!!!

Sweet little Autumn.

Bryli's little shirt say's, "Mommy's Lucky Charm." I thought it was cute, but wasn't able to get a pic of all my girls in their green shirts...maybe later....maybe next year!!!


Blogger Sandra said...

She is a doll!

8:28 PM  
Blogger shumaker clan said...

They are all so cute. What a fun time it looks like you all are having.

7:38 PM  

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