Friday, April 10, 2009

My Sweet Little Girls

So we were putting away some of our winter stuff (please note I said SOME) and Autumn ran in the kitchen wearing her little hat. This is the hat that Auntie Shay gave to Cambry when she was little and has been a favorite of all my kids. I think little Autumn looks like she's just come inside from playing, with her little rosy cheeks.

What's that??? What is that??? Is that a SMILE???? I believe it is. Bryli at 6 weeks. The same age Cambry was when she first smiled for me!!!

AAhhh sleeping on the floor with her little bum in the air. I believe this is how ALL my kids sleep. That or they put their hands behind their heads like their daddy!!!

Ah my little Salt and Pepper babies. Autumn just loves Bryli to death and wants to hold her all the time. They are all very sweet to each other, and I'm hoping that this will continue throughout their lives.....well one can HOPE.

Cambry getting some holding time in as well.

So fun story. Once upon a time it was warm here (for a day). NO wind, No snow, just a nice warm sunny day. We got home from shopping (for foooooooddd) and the two little ones had fallen asleep. Cambry was so excited for a warm day, that she didn't really even have to ask if she could go out and play. Well I let her go out, and sat down to look at emails, and stuff, when suddenly this weird swamp thing was banging on the window. I hopped up and ran over to the back door, to see what had just banged on, and streaked past my window, when I discover a pair of red sweatpants, sitting on the sidewalk....Quite frankly, I believed that something had gobbled down my daughter and had spit her pants out onto the sidewalk. Glancing over by the water tap, I see the demon, filling back up a water jug to wash the rest of my daughter down with, and then......I roar with laughter. Cambry had taken off her pants, and had smeared mud all over her legs, arms and face. I'd show you a full body pic, but my little one was in a t-shirt and her panties, so I don't think that would be good to post her in. But she told me that she had gotten HOT so she had taken off her pants, and the mud was nice and cool, so she smeared it everywhere she was hot. I thought that it was a pretty good reason. She had to shower off before I would let her take a bath. But she said she had that's all that should count.


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