Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Logan Swimming Fun

A fun day in the sun. Recently we went down to Logan, where I'm from and went swimming with Cambry's cousins, Lainey, Carson and Preston. The "Boys" (Ryan, my dad and Brother) had all gone sailing in the San Juan Islands and left us ladies with the little ones, so we simply had to have fun. Cambry's idea of "swimming" was to "motor" herself around with her hands on the ground of the pool and yell out, "I'm Swimming!!" She did finally run around and splash in the water and she even decided to go for a really deep swim in the other pool. I had taken her lifejacket off to adjust the straps and she hopped out of the kiddie pool and ran for the four foot pool and jumped in!! I hopped out and flopped into the pool and grabbed her to pull her back up to the surface....wouldn't you know it, she was grinning the whole time. Oddly, I had done the exact same thing when I was about Cambry's same age....The apple doesn't fall far!!!

Partridge Family

Here is my little family. We are delightfully in love with our little girl, Cambry who has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives!