Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One Word Needed


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fixed my widget....

Sometimes we forget how to fix items on our blogs. My widget is now correct with having the little one on the 19th. Just thought you would all care!! ha ha ha. My friend Sheena is due the same day as me, and my other friend Andrea is going to have another little one, though she is just starting!!! I'm excited for myself and my friends and if anyone else has some exciting or fun news, email me, or drop a line on my blog!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So I have a few quick questions to ask the blogging world. When you're prego are you more likely to get leg, foot, arm, hand or any other body part, CRAMPS? I keep getting leg cramps, mostly in my calves and in the arch of my blows 'cause it's usually in the middle of the night, or early morning when I can just roll over (ya right) and go back to sleep. I eat banana's, drink milk, and water, eat fruits and veggies of all sorts, and love meats and salads and starchy foods... And of course I love sweets. (had to add it, 'cause everyone that knows me would wonder if I was truly telling the truth about things) And of course to top it all off I take my prenatal. So I'm thinking I'm getting enough potassium and vitamins and stuff, but is there something that I might be missing, or is this just another one of the woe's of being prego, and I should shut up about it????

Monday, January 19, 2009


For those that don't know, I've had my first two little ones via c-section, so any little ones from here on out will also be c-sections. I have a schedualed C-section on the 19th of Feb. so if I don't answer my phone for a few days, I'll still be at the hospital!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun times and Tummies

Here's the cute little ones when we went to Logan!!! Please note that my oldest daughter is always having to "strike a pose"!!

Sledding Down G-ma and G-pa's hill!!

Preston's Birthday. Yes the cake is pink, no I don't think he cares!!! Sarah said he picked out the "funnest" looking cake, and that's what she made for him!!! It was yummy!

Present time!!!! Do you think he ever gets into trouble????

Typical little girls....

Autumn was "trying things on" one day and didn't realize that there was anything wrong with her "hat". Cambry told her otherwise.

My sweet little girls. Yes that is the stoller that Autumn got for Christmas Aunt Shay, and yes it can hold a 22lb child....and be pushed....over and over again.

These two play with their babies day in and day out. Autumn will run in and pat my tummy every now and then and yell, "Baby" then run back out!!!

And speaking of Tummies. There's mine...Yep it's big. I've got less time then what my little ticker says on the sidebar, but I can't fix it (I've tried several times). We will have baby on the 19th of Feb. though I don't know if she'll be a morning, afternoon or night time baby! I'll let you know....if you care to know!!! So technically I have about 32 days. Wow-e-zow-e.....Still looking for a name!!! ha ha ha

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

To do Or not To do?

So I thought that I would put the question to you as my family and friends. I'm wondering if it would be uncouth of me to post a prego picture of me. I've not done one this pregnancy, and I don't know if it's something that I should continue to shy away from, or if I should strike a pose and post the pic? So I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion about this. Should I or should I not post a prego picture?

Monday, January 05, 2009

Christmas Time

9 Years and Counting

Yep, it's official!!! Yesterday was our 9th Anniversary!!! Holy Batman. It's strange to have the years FLY by you and suddenly you're old and still happy together!! We didn't get to do much other than go to church, a baptism and a Linger-longer at church yesterday, so yipee for me, I didn't have to cook!

We finally got our Christmas Decorations down and the tree out yesterday too. I've been so tired the last 4-5 days that I literally have to stop and take a nap every now and then during the day. Usually it's when Autumn has gone down for a nap too. It's been crazy weather here lately and we're excited that it's snowing again today. Yesterday it didn't get above -5 and it was "SSSSooooo Coooollldd " according to Cambry. It was the type of cold that when you breathed in through your nose it froze together.....eeeooo. We were all ready for church (our time is now 2:00) and we couldn't find Autumn anywhere. I was afraid that she had made it outside some how and that she was frozen out there, but Ryno came out of our bedroom where she had fallen asleep around on my bedside, on the floor. We headed off for Church and she slept 'til Sacrament (which is last) and then we had the baptism and then the Linger-longer. So it made for a long day, but we had fun. We got home got the kids ready for bed and teeth brushed and I hopped into the bath and left Ryno with the kids to put to bed......right. I could hear these noises that shouldn't be heard after 9:00 and went out to find Ryno asleep and the kids eating chocolate, candies and crackers from the counters and church bag. The books and goodies that we had taken to church were now all over the front room, or consumed and Ryno was snoring away as if nothing was happening out of the ordinary! It was pretty funny, and we re-brushed teeth and tossed kids into bed, and I got to go back to my bath.

We had a good New Years Eve, playing games an eating food at our friends, and the snow wasn't so bad to travel in!! Thank goodness. We're hoping to travel down to Logan for my Nephews b-day this next weekend, and my poor parents are off to play in Hawai'i next week...lucky duckies. Cambry and Autumn are still enjoying the toys that Santa brought and aren't fighting as much over the My Little Pony that Cambry got from school, since Autumn got one from Santa. They love their little strollers, and it's fun to watch them race around the house with their ponies and babies. Autumn loves on her baby doll and kisses her and pats her nicely on the back. I have to tell the funniest story, well I thought it was funny.

My sister-in-law Karlee had a little boy at the first of December. Her sweetheart, Tyson is a bit more protective of their little boy, especially when other little ones are around (like my two wild child's.) Anyway, Karlee and I hung out one day at Christmas while everyone else was working, shopping or "who-knows-where". Every time Karlee or I sat to change little Max (my new nephew) my girls would run over and watch. Autumn would kneel as close to him as possible and keep her hands folded in her lap unless you told her that she could touch the baby. She would then softly pat his tummy or chest, or Cambry would kiss Max's head, then of course, Autumn would kiss him. This would go on for several moments, until we either thought Max was getting sick of it, or we were done changing and dressing him. Anyway, later Tyson (Karlee's hubby/Max's Daddy) came over after work and we were explaining how sweet the girls were being to Max when Autumn ran in pushing her stroller with her new baby doll. She then promptly rammed her stroller into Tyson's foot. Stomped around the stroller, grabbed her baby out, tossing her roughly over her shoulder, then turned to thump the baby doll roughly down on the sofa. The look on Tyson's face was priceless, 'cause we had just explained how "soft" the girls had been and especially Autumn, when she flies in and rams him then thumps her dolly around....The look was of sheer panic that his son might have truly suffered pain at the hands of his cousins...I don't really think he believed us that Autumn had been soft and gentle, but I'm hoping she was just putting on a show for him, 'cause I believe that she'll be just as soft to our new baby, as Cambry was to her. It just killed me that you can never speak kindly about some people, 'cause they will always try to prove you wrong!!! ha ha ha.

Well we're hoping that everyone had a delightful Christmas and Happy New Year!! We're hoping that this new year brings many surprises and joys to everyone and their families. We are looking forward to Feburary when our next little one joins us, and yes we are still debating names, so if anyone would like to put in on a name for our baby girl, we would be delighted!!!! I would like a "B" name, but we will see.