Saturday, May 31, 2008

California, here I come.

Arizonia to Utah!!

Catch Up Time

My Niece Lainey got baptised this spring.
Ryan left an eclair down at his mom's house on the way down to Arizonia, and SOMEONE got a hold of it.
Cambry eating some Horton Hears a Who pancakes that the waitress brought out to her, because they had made too many.
Speaking of blasts, here's Cambry running through the fountains...

Peanut sitting on a lion. She had a blast running through all the water.
Oh, boy. I gotta teach her how to put those goggles on....

Autumn and Hatcher checking things out...I thought that this was a cute picture of them together....plotting!!!
Autumn loved the pool as much as the rest of us. We spent just about every second of every day, in the pool. It was so much fun and it felt wonderful.
Daddy and Autumn playing. You could bounce the ball on or at Autumn and she would laugh and laugh and laugh!!!
I know it's not the prettiest picture, but I thought that I needed to prove that I was there too...

So silly me, didn't have our friends take a single "family" picture of us, so I made Ryno stop and I set the camera up on a tote, and took a picture of us and a giant cactus!!!
Cambry wanted to take a picture next to a cacti that was just her she is!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Holy Batman

So this is just a short note to all my friends and family members that stop by my blog often to find nothing has changed. My apology!! I've been gone for the last month and a half, to Arizonia, Utah, parties, and California. I've got lots to add, and I'm excited to get a chance to do it soon. I'll tell you a few things and add pictures later. We played in Arizonia with Ryan's mission companion and his sweet family for about a week, and have been helping move another friend and fix up a house in SLC. We've gotten to play with some of our family members, and we have loved that. Ryan's little sister, Karlee is prego and so is our cousin Erica, so we are excited for them. Ashlee and Will (Ry's little sister too) got to go to DC and said they had a blast. McKayde is soooooo cute and Cambry and Brocston are still cute as ever when they get to play together. Autumn is growing like a weed and is so funny we don't know what to do with her. Our other nephew (Cash) was blessed last week, and we weren't able to make it to the blessing, but we're excited for Jed and Nalani. We got to go play in California, okay, I played, Ryan slaved away working. I got to go play in San Francisco, and I'm believing that my hubby is getting ready to take us back down to Utah to finish working on the SLC house. Strange, I kind of miss my home!!! Well I hope that this little bit of info will keep you all coming back for more and more, and I'll post pictures soon. I also ran the van out of gas in the Middle of Nevada last night driving back home from Cali....silly Heidi!!! And if anyone finds my hubby's phone, we lost it in California and it's not going to be a fun time!!! ha ha ha ha.