Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A few months worth of fun!!!

Well here I am in almost all my glory. We are now just a week away, give or take, from our new addition to the family. I've had a perfectly wonderful pregnancy and am just getting over a nasty cold. Cambry and I have both been sick, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I turned another year older, and my family came to play with us, and even brought a yummy cake.
Then Ryan came home one day for lunch, and his little girl insisted on dancing with him, so they danced around for about 15 minutes, and Cambry seemed to be in heaven with her daddy!!!
And as most of you know, it blows and blows here, so there is a picture of Cambry out playing with her pinwheel in the wind. It was a fun day and we've been having a fun time the last few months.
We had some fun Easter Egg Hunting as well. Cambry colored eggs for the first time and did a beautiful job and was "really careful" not to break the eggs. She liked to fish them out and put them out to dry. Then we had a hunt with some friends on Friday, and then a hunt with my parents on Saturday, where you can see my mom and Cambry racing for some eggs. Then the Easter Bunny brought Cambry her basket to G-ma and G-pa Baadsgaard's house where we had yet another Egg hunt for the little ones, and one for the adults...needless to say, I came away with the most money...ha ha ha, the prego lady squating down to get all those eggs.

Shay, Bob, Brocston, Mom, Dad and Karlee came up to play and we went to Garcia's to eat. Some of the family tried on the fancy hats!!! I think Broc looks a little....well you know. The other pictures are of Cambry playing with some friends...It was a sudden warm day and they went outside, and turned on the water and played like little ones should. We didn't know that they were in the water until it was too late...

Then Cambry with the Spoons over her eyes is her attempt to be a pirate. This was when we went out to dinner with Uncle Jed.

We got to go to General Conference with our Spanish Branch, but since we had a little one, we had to stay outside on the lawns. So we had ALL of the other kids that were too young to go inside. We had a lot of fun watching the kids play. There were two boys that are several years older than Cambry, who kept tackling her. She finally got fed up with one of them and full on tackled him back, by putting her shoulder right into his gut and taking him down. Then she just sat on him for a few moments. I thought it was pretty funny!!!

It's been a while!!!

It's been a while since I've updated, so there'll be a few old photo's. This is of Cambry when she was "supposedly" taking a nap in the car. She was in her carseat, but somehow got ahold of the diaper bag, where I had left my toothbrush and toothpaste from our trip to Utah. She then proceeded to apply generous amounts to her forehead and hair.