Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flaming Gorge

Little Preston showing off his broken arm at the Petersen family reunion in Hidden Springs Utah.

Cambry on the climbing wall in Hidden Springs. My little monkey kept climbing and climbing and when we hooked her up to the ropes, she climbed even higher, then would let go so she could "float" down. She loved it.

Little Autumn with her cousin Lainey.

Little Autumn posing in her "cowboy" outfit. We did a fun little project with the 24 + great-grand kids on the Petersen side (my mom's side).

Cambry showing off the size of a dinosaur's footprint.

Cambry in Vernal Utah at the Dinosaur Museum.

Ryan caught a 15lb Lake Trout in Flaming Gorge Res. when we went to play with his Dad and some new friends.

More of the fish.

Look at the size of the fish compared to Cambry. I should have gotten down to Cambry's height so we could see a REAL comparison, but that fish was HUGE.

Ryan's Dad, Cambry and some of the fish that they caught.

Cambry trying out the fishing....what a smile

Grandpa trying to get Cambry to "grab" the fish.

Cambry catching her own fish. She kept saying, "I've got one, papa. I've got one." At first he didn't believe her, but then he saw her pole jerking and twitching which meant she did have a fish on. It was a lot of fun watching her catch her own fish....

Smiling with her fish that she caught...She's still not sure what she thinks about it.

All in all we had a lot of fun fishing a seeing family. It was a fun week, very long, but fun. Ryan's back to "slaving" away, and Cambry is back to playing with her kitty's and asking when she gets to go fishing again. Autumn can roll all the way over, and is moving across the room faster than you can keep up. She get's on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, so we're sure that soon enough she'll quit giving herself carpet burns on her face and will start to crawl.... She's almost 4 months and we're loving our little girls to death. We couldn't ask for better kids. They both sleep through the night and are a delight and joy.