Monday, June 30, 2008

Holy Cow How Time Flys.

So I thought I should write something to try to keep some of you occupied!!! We've been running some more, and I've been running more than ever. We've had birthday's for the girls, and we all loaded down to Logan and had a fun shin-dig down there. Ry's family came and so did mine (tee hee Logan's where my fam is). And a few friends stopped by and it was a delight and joy. We've been to SLC to work for a guy that continues to NOT PAY US...I'm not too happy, and we've helped Ryan's friend Tyler out a bit. We've gotten to play in Payson and Nibley too, and I've just got back from a fun-filled week of Girls Camp. I Loved every moment of it, and had fun with practical jokes (I did NOT start the jokes....I ended them) Ry's family came up and helped clean all our houses!!! and my mom and SIL came up and played on Friday when I got home. Little Autumn has a nasty cold and I stayed home with her on Sunday. It's been Roasty-Toasty up here, but today, thankfully it rained. Autumn is growing and learning new words and things to get into. She can now say "MORE" and will pull you over to the fridge, pantry or freezer to get you to give her something. Cambry you can find most days being a little girl. She dresses up, plays with her dolls and little ponies, swings, slides, dances, jumps, colors, and laughs like all children should. She has been enjoying the library and we'll be going back again this week, since I was gone all last week. She loves to sit and read books and loves to have the stories read over, and over and over to her!!! We're plugging along and trying to not roast out too bad...perhaps this heat will sear off some of my festively plumpness. ha ha my dreams. Hopefully this will re-wet your appetites to keep you coming back and I'll post some camp pictures and others soon.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Yum Gum!!!

You Are Peppermint Flavored Gum
You have a sharp mind that is always churning.
You are mentally hyper. You're always thinking of something.

And while your mind is always on, you're not the most physically active person around.
Some people make mistake you for being lazy, but the truth is: you never relax.

You tend to get so deeply into your projects that you ignore everything around you.
You are creative and cutting edge. You love telling people about your newest ideas and discoveries.