Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Autumn's Life!!

Baby Autumn, with cousin Preston checking things out.

Great-grandma Petersen getting some loving time.

Little girl, Autumn holding her head up like a big girl. Autumn has learned a new trick and can now roll over onto her tummy...then gets stuck and squawks that she wants back over, but gets so excited when you come and turn her over, that she is quickly back onto her tummy. Every now and then she gets an arm stuck under her and that makes her pretty mad, but she is a strong little cookie and loves to see what's going on. She's rubbed the hair off the back of her head, from watching her big sister walk around and play around her and she loves the outdoors and seeing new things.

Children of Summer

Beautiful Autumn is a happy Baby.

Cambry fell asleep for her nap like a stink-bug.

Autumn's latest "trick".

Autumn is learning how to push up.

Cambry and Lainey hanging out together.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heads up!!

Here's some photo's that I forgot to put on, a while ago....
Little Autumn learning to hold her head up!

Autumn and Great-grandma Petersen!