Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bryli Jean Is Here!!!!

Well Little Bryli Jean is here. We went in Thursday morning at 6:00am and got all preped for the surgery. They couldn't find my veins for the IV and I felt like a pin cushion, by the time I went to surgery, but things went smoothy throughout the surgery. We were very excited and I was very nervous (I know I've done this before twice but.....) and we couldn't wait to see our little girl. Right when we were walking in, I said to Ryan, "Won't it be funny if this one is a little darky (hair wise) or the redhead, that everyone is waiting for?" Well we got the little darky and it was interesting. Both my other girls came bald as can be, minus the little peach fuzz. When they got Bryli out, Ryno said, "She's got much as Autumn does now..." then he giggled and smiled. I didn't believe him, really, and so when they pulled the curtain aside so I could see her, I wondered who's baby they were cleaning up, 'cause she not only had hair, but it was DARK brown hair. We were so excited and Ryno just laughed and grinned as they cleaned her up. We got all finished with the surgery and everything was well with baby Bryli, though it took us several days, (and fights) to figure out the name, and the spelling. I won with the name, and Ryno got to spell it, even though he doesn't really like the name, he's okay with it!!! I love you Sweetheart!!! Our Newest Little Girl. Little Bryli Jean!!

Flower's from Ryno's work!! So Cute.

Little Bryli.

Auntie Ashlee getting some baby time!!

Daddy and Baby Girl taking it easy....hey isn't that the "mama's" bed?????

Proud Papa!

Mama and her two littlest girls!

Big sister love!!! Autumn liked Bryli's little feet.

Baby Burrito!!
Time to go home!!

Little glow worm!!!

Had to have a Biliblanket for 24 hours!! But we're all better now!!


Daddy and Auntie Ashlee getting the glow baby all ready.
Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Will came up to visit, as well as my mom. Ry's friend Tyler and Liz came up as well to see the new little one. My mom took the girls back to Logan with her, and so far they've been having a fun time at G-ma's and G-pa's house. I loved watching Will sweep in and hold the baby as much as he could. When he got her in the hospital, he skirted around the room so that Ashlee couldn't steal Bryli away from him Thanks for everything Will and Ashlee!! And thanks to my parents for helping with Autumn and Cambry, and we're excited to see other family members throughout the week(s). And thanks for the calls and food and presents from everyone else. And a special thanks for waiting to come see us if you are sick. We really appreciate it, and don't want anyone to be mad, but if you're sick, please just give us a call, 'cause we don't want anything to happen to our new little girl!!! Love to everyone and Thanks!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well we're still cooking up our little one, but I wanted to send a "congrats" out to our friends in Bristol CT. Derek and Marla had their third little girl early this morning. No name was sent so I can't tell you her name yet, but we're very happy for them and hope all is well.

We're still cooking our little one up, and will continue until she decides to come, or until this Thursday. Please feel free to call us at home, or our cells, but for the most part, we'll just wait, and hopefully if all falls into place, we'll be back home on Sunday, and I can try to report to everyone how things are!!! Thanks for the love and support we've gotten!!! & good luck to Sheena, and myself...ha ha ha, and congrats again to Derek and Marla, and our other friend, Jamon and Amy who added a little boy back in Jan.

Monday, February 09, 2009

A Few Pic's of The Girls

A little snow fun...Playing on the swings in the snow!

Cambry digging herself a cave!

Autumn liked to eat the snow, but she didn't like wearing her snow boats...

One morning it was SUDDENLY quiet. I came in to find that Autumn had fallen asleep on Cambry and Cambry was watching cartoons.

Cambry just held her for like two hours.

Autumn trying on big sister's shoes. She thought they were pretty fun!

Autumn understands that there is suppose to be a baby in there. But since there isn't one in there yet, she keeps putting her babies in there.

It's been a little "frosty" here lately. I thought this was so cool how it clung onto my fence and gate. I took a bunch of pictures of the frost and then the wind came up and blew it all off and it made a kind of glass/tinkling sound as it showered off the fence and onto the ground. One or two big gusts, and the fence and gate were completely cleared!

Eating lunch at G-ma's and catching some z's.

Little horse at cousin's house that Autumn kept trying to "ride".