Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Updates

Well I'm feeling a little (very little) guilty about not adding to my blog for a while. I'll let everyone know right down to the gritty details if desired, as to what's been happening to us lately.....Or I'll just tell you briefly.....depends on how many of you want to know what I ate, then puked back up this morning. HA HA HA!!!!

We've been playing and settling into a bit of a routine. Cambry gets to go to preschool twice a week and has been loving it. Every Tuesday and Thursday she goes for 2 hours and is delighted and thrilled. She loves learning new things and is always bringing home her pretty pictures and letters. Every Tuesday is show-n-tell and she loves to take whatever is her "favorite" toy or book (for the moment/day/week) to show everyone. While Cambry is gone Autumn runs around the house and she and I will play with some of her toys. She loves her Noah's Ark, with all it's little animals, and likes to knock down any towers that I'll build out of the blocks. She laughs a lot, and runs and runs and runs, but usually around the time we should go pick up Cambry, she will start looking around the house and calling out Cambry's name to try to find her. She isn't talking too much, but is only 15 months, but she can certainly understand a bunch. If you ask her if she wants something to eat, or if she's hungry, she will say something like, "yum" and run for the highchair. If you tell her that it's nap-time or time to go "night-night" she'll wrinkle her nose and "oooooo" at you. Or she'll run to her daddy and climb up on him, because she knows he's less likely to put her to bed then mommy. But once she's put down in her bed with her blanket, occasionally she'll cry out for about 2-3 minutes, but for the most part, she will promptly fall right to sleep.

Cambry is just as good about going to bed. You tell her to go hop into her P.J.'s and she'll run off, then brush her teeth. She tends to try to drag out the actually getting into bed, but she can usually be tempted into bed with a story. Which usually turns into two or three......Ryno usually falls quickly to sleep in the chair while stating that he just wants to watch the "Stand up" routine on Leno. Half the time I'll go brush my teeth and get ready for bed and come back out, and he's snoring away, and Leno hasn't even started. It kills me, and I'll ask him if he wants to come to bed, or I'll shut off the tv, which will wake him up and he'll say, "I was watching that." Right........snores included. ha ha ha.

I've been enjoying some books again, and yes I'm rereading some books again, but at least I'm reading. And NO Katie I still haven't read the Twilight series, but it's on my "to-do" list. I really wanted to read "The Silver Nutmeg" by Palmer Brown, but found that my library didn't have it, but we were able to send away for it and got it at the Logan Library. Strange. Anyway it's this little itty-bitty book that I loved when I was a teen, and I got it and read it in about an hour. So I was pretty excited to get to read something that I loved so much as a teen. Hopefully someday my kids will like reading as much as I have. Ryno loves to read too, but he usually will "fall asleep" reading in bed or in the chair. I think it's pretty funny, but what's a poor working man to do.

We've been finishing up the spec house (yes it's still the same one....) and Ryno is still frustrated with it, but is a bit happier with how somethings have been going. We went and helped clean a families house in the branch last night, and I don't feel so bad about my laundry now.....Ryno is off and running for most of the week up to a house in Island Park, and me and the girls play around at home. He's been working for a guy that thankfully promptly pays him which has been helping us out greatly. Fancy that. I've been beginning to feel a bit better. I can finally function a bit more like a mommy and wife should, though I'm still gaggy and do occasionally still lose my breakfast, lunch or dinner to the toilet, but otherwise I've been able to play with the girls, or at least watch them play and laugh with them again. Cambry has been very understanding (for a 4 year old) and will pat my tummy several times daily and ask, "How's baby doing?" for which I'll usually tell her that baby is doing fine and that she can talk to baby if she wants to. She'll sit for several minutes and say cute things about what she and Autumn are doing and how she's excited to meet baby. She's a little more understanding that if it's a girl, that's okay too. At first she was so upset when I told her that we MIGHT be having another girl, she would cry and cry and tell me that she had prayed for a baby BROTHER, and that she couldn't possibly have another baby sister. But now she seems a little better with the idea and tells me now, "We can have another baby girl, then I'll have my baby brother...." so I guess she's hoping we'll have at least another baby in the future...ha ha ha. We'll see.

No we do not know who's inside yet. We'll find out next month. Ryno is still hoping for a little boy as well, and I'm daily praying for another healthy baby. We've been very blessed so far with our little ones, and Ryno is delighted with his little girls, so my marshmallow hubby will be happy with whatever little one comes to join our family.

Ryno's little sister Karlee is due at the first of Dec with a little boy and I'm sure they are getting excited to meet baby Barlow. Ryan's mom did such an awesome job as principal at her first school, they moved her to a new school this year. So far things are going well for her, though I think she was a little sad to leave the first school....His other siblings are all plotting away. Ashlee and Will are in SLC and just celebrated Will's birthday yesterday, "Happy Birthday Will" you're older than me....ha ha ha....And Shay and Bobby got new couches and have settled into their new home nicely, though Baby McKayde has found that he likes to climb stairs.........Karlee and Tyson are in Spanish Fork, and Brett is (last I heard) going to School at UVSC. Nalani and Jed (as you can view on their blog) just got back from Hawai'i and had, by the looks of it, a blast. I'm not sure what's been happening with our brother Chad and his wife Marie, we keep missing them when we come down, but I know Lesa and Brady have their kids off to school every morning and perhaps like us are wondering where the summer went.

My brother is in Logan, and we get to go to a birthday party for my Nephew in a few weeks. They've been deciding to take up their carpet and put down hardwood floor, I think due to the heavy traffic of their little ones....ha ha ha. My mom and dad have been plotting away and by the sounds of things still enjoying the things they love. My mom gets to go painting at least once a week, and has been enjoying the fall weather and colors. My dad, I'm sure, like Ryan, is busy as ever and is trying to sell his Sail Boat. So if anyone is wanting a boat, give my dad a call.

Again I'm just plowing away through life and the pregnancy. I'd post pictures of myself, but oddly I just look fat still. So maybe when I'm 8 months prego you'll get to see me. Ha ha ha. Well I hope that this updates everyone a bit on our lives. We've not really been running around as much, due to our callings in church, Cambry's preschool, and the fact that we haven't had a ton of money to do much of anything. We've been (okay I've been) enjoying the cooler weather, and I love waking up to a cold breeze coming through my windows in the morning. Ryno meanwhile is piled under several blankets, and refuses to come out.......Well hope all is well for everyone in their States!!! I'll post some pictures later.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer

Last of the sunny summer days to play in the pool with friend.

I love this picture of Autumn. She played on the bike more that in the pool and water...

Autumn LOVES P.B.&J.'s It kills me whenever she eats them, 'cause she'll take one bite with the slices together, then tears them apart and promptly eats all the jam off the one side, and all the peanut butter off of the other, but won't eat them together after that first bite....Then she will eat all the bread, from both sides, but they have to still be separated....Gotta Love Those Kids.

Happy Baby.

Just trying to get a drink......

Okay, so this is for everyone else....You have your kids going to school, well I sent my little one off to PRESCHOOL.....HOLY BATMAN!!!

Gotta do the traditional "doorstep first day" picture. The sun got in her eyes, and this was the only picture I could get of her looking at me....Why she has to spread her arms out, is any ones guess.

At class with the other kids.

Bad mommy moment. So I was at my friends house and the kids were playing on the slide and swings out back. As the kids ( and yes Autumn can climb the steps and slide down herself) were playing, I noticed several wasps flying around the slide. Going over I found that they were making a nest inside a hole on the slide....So thinking I was smart, I taped the hole up so the wasps would go away and leave the kids alone. Needless to say, one wasp got pretty made at me, and took it out on Autumn's little face and stung her twice. That's one of the worst things to sit and watch then run over to your little one who's just been attacked because of you.....sniff sniff, sniff. So in this picture, she is eating a snack and has baking soda on her ouchy face.

Another one. You can kind of see how swollen her little cheek and eye area got. It was a sad day for me and Autumn.

I was making some blanket's like Autumns and had them spread out and she ran and got hers so she could have hers laid out just like the new ones. She would even march over and kick and bunch up the new ones and lay hers out. She loves her blanket!!!!

Things you don't say to your wife

This video killed me. Ryan's friend had told him about it, and I thought it was pretty funny due to the fact that some of these things have been said.....ha ha ha.