Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back again

Hi gang, I've once again been out of order in the internet department....long story short my hubby wanted to watch some football games (that we don't get) and called our friends 'cause they hooked up their internet to their tv and get 100's of channels, and Ryno thought we could too. Needless to say, they couldn't get it to work, and in the process of hooking things back up, fried a few things and hooked the wires up backwards. So not only did Ryno not get to watch the game, they fried our internet for the next several weeks, 'cause no one could come there it is. We are doing good and having fun. I'm just getting bigger and bigger and yes, I FINALLY LOOK PREGO. We're due in 2 months and I finally look like I'm going to have a little one, not that I'm still just really festively plump. We got to go to Payson and Logan for Turkey Day celebrations, and for Karlee's (Ry's little sis) baby shower. They had their little boy on Dec 5th and named him Max. Ashlee (Karlee's twin) sent me some pic's of the little guy, but I'll have to wait until Christmas to get more, 'cause that's the next time we can go anywhere....hopefully. Cambry and Autumn helped decorate the Christmas tree and it was a hoot. The more Cambry put up, the more Autumn took down. The lower half of the tree is really decorated, and there's not really any up above, but I'm not going to change it!!! Cambry is hoping Santa will bring her a lot of presents and is hoping that he can find her at her G-ma's and G-pa's if we go to Utah for Christmas. Ryno is enjoying his job and works hard for all of us. I'm just still plotting away with the girls, and we will hopefully get the bunk bed painted and up soon so we can move Autumn and get her used to sleeping in a bed, BEFORE baby comes!!!

We made snowflakes the other day with Cambry, and I thought I was going to run out of paper, before she got bored of it. She made several dozen so we hung them in all the windows. Autumn, Cambry, Ryno and I all have had a bout or two of the flu and are hoping that it has passed our family through for the holiday's. It sucked having the little ones sick, and it sucks being sick with the flu, and being prego, but I felt so sorry for Autumn, not understanding why I wouldn't let her eat or drink anything other than a little water and some crackers. Even that was too much most of the day. I've not ever seen her sleep so much. Poor thing. Cambry was sick for a night, and I got to get up and help her all night, but by the afternoon she was better and I was worn out. Ha ha ha. The joys of being a mommy!!!

Autumn is learning a few new words, and understands a lot more than she can say. She loves the word "more" still and will lead you by the finger into the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and point at what she wants and loudly say, "MORE". It's fun and we're trying to get her to say other things, but so far she likes to mostly laugh!!!! Fancy that, my kids laughing!!!!

Cambry is loving Preschool and having a blast in the snow. We only have about an inch, but her and Autumn went out and tried it out for a while. Autumn only lasted about 15 minutes, but Cambry played for several hours....yep in only an inch....wait until we actually do get snow.....I'll never see her!

Well hope all is well for everyone, and I'll post some pic's later!!