Monday, June 22, 2009


So sad day. I've lost my camera!!! I got to go to Girls Camp for a day while my friend Beth, watched the girls. It was soooo much fun, but it also made me miss Camp that much more, due to only getting to go for one day. But we had a scavenger hunt, and it rained on us, and we got to do a few other things, and then we had testimony night and it was awesome. I had my camera up there and took a bunch of pic's but then I had to leave, and I remember putting my camera in the truck, but I can't remember taking it out....Possibly it's in the pile of rain coats and umbrella, but so far I've not had any luck finding it.

It's rained here for the last 3 weeks straight. We've broken all rain records, and my little garden is starting to grow nicely. Some of it got washed out, and my beans got munched by some bug, but other then that, my stuff is doing good. I have a tomato on one of my plants, so I'm very excited. We'll see how it goes, and hopefully I'll have lots of yummy things up!!!

Bryli can now roll everywhere, and when she's really frustrated, she'll scrunch her legs up under her, and poke her little bum in the air, then push with her legs and slide forward....I'm sure she'll be crawling before we're ready. She's been a little slobber monster lately, so maybe her little teeth are starting to come in!! She's 4 months now, and sweet as ever. She can still kill your ear drums if she's crying at the top of her lungs, or when she's playing she will squeal really loud, but it's fun to watch her grow and learn. She still has all her hair, though it's lightened up, and the stuff coming is is blonde, with a possible red tint....we'll see. She has worn a bit of a bald spot in the back from looking at everything so much, but she has plenty of hair to "cover" it up!!! ha ha ha

Well hope all is good for everyone else, please pray for me that I might find my camera!!! Otherwise, I guess I'll just have to get a new one....(oh darn).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Blessings And Birthdays

Bryli's blessing day was a delight and joy. Aunts and Uncles from Pocatello came. G-ma's and g-pa's from Payson and Logan came. And Auntie's and Uncles also from Payson and Logan came. We had several other friends from here come and join us, and all in all it was a delightfully beautiful blessing day. Here is a full picture of Bryli in her blessing dress.
Yep I stuck one of those huge flowers on her head.....I'm trying....

My sweet little girl!

Here's my cute little family!
My parents with little Bryli!!!
Little Autumn's 2nd Birthday!! Out picking flowers, a favorite past time!

Getting her to hold still, is a very HARD thing to do!!!

Sweet little girl!!

Out to lunch with G-ma Bliesner, so daddy and g-ma could see her open her presents.

She's a little excited about some of the things she got for her birthday!!!

Giraffe Cake that I made for Autumn. It was yummy!!!!
Happy little girl, opening presents.

My little Salt and Pepper girls....waking up for the morning!!!

Autumn must have gotten scared or something in the night, 'cause this is how we found them one morning....up on the top bunk together!!!

Sweet little girl gets rosy cheeks like I did when I was a kid.

At a friends birthday party, and her little brother had fluffy hair just like Autumn's. (Autumn is on the left)!!!

Farm Day for Preschool Cambry loved the horses.

Getting to ride....she won her race!!!

Feeding the goats.

Strike a Pose!!! Last day of Preschool.


Cambry and Preschool Teacher, Kellie.

Another Birthday girl!! Cambry's 5th birthday was with friends!!!
Out playing the balloon game. (Quite funny)

G-ma with Bryli, enjoying the was a very hot day!

Cambry and her friends. For the most part it was her entire preschool class, Autumn and another little friend, Charly.
Cambry wanted a kitty-cat cake. So here was my attempt to make one. It tasted pretty good!!!
On your mark....get set....and.......

Cambry with all her loot!!!

All in all we've been having a lot of fun the last few months. Bryli will laugh now and is very ticklish. She smiles and coo's and the girls love to sit around her as she "talks" to them. She has learned to roll over all the way, so she isn't safe anywhere, but on the floor, and even then you have to watch out with the rocking chair. She still has her killer cry, and does still hurt the ears if she is held up by them when she is going off full throttle. She is very sweet, and sleeps through the night, and is a delightful addition to the family. Ryno has been working on a remodle job for MBA Contactors, and seems happy with things, though yesterday was an acception to the rules. Right as they were getting ready to leave, one of the guys was driving back the big equipment and hit the water main......Ryno said it was a 50 foot gyser. He had to stay an extra 3 hours trying to clean up, and help fix the problem....he came home soaked and very, very upset.

I've started a garden, and despite a slow start, somethings are starting to come up. The corn is making a showing, my beans got eaten by bugs, my spinach is up nicely, along with beets, carrots, squash, though my pumpkins I've already had to thin... My cucumbers haven't come up yet, and my peas are just starting. All in all my first garden is growing, though I fear for my tomatoes. I love home grown ones, but mine are still looking a little droopy...

We've had some killer weather lately, and we swear that we've never seen this much rain. It will just pour and pour all day long, but somedays there's a bit of hail added in, which doesn't make me and my garden too happy. But all in all we're having fun and enjoying ourselves. We hope everyone else is having a delightful start to their summer!!!