Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What happened in your year???

So I'm always on the look out for something fun to read, and a friend sent me a web-link that tells you what happened in the world the year you were born.

Here's the link for my year, but then you can look up years on the website or insert the year where 1979 is on my link.

  • Year Of Birth
  • Wednesday, January 23, 2008

    Bath-time, Babies & Birthday's

    Cambry making some Valentines!

    New Baby McKayde

    Cambry and little Mac

    Trisha, Brett and Mac.

    G-ma Baadsgaard with her B-day cake and ice cream!!! Karlee made a yummy dinner for Mom's b-day and we all gobbled down the goodies that were also made and brought to the party!!

    Cambry and Autumn playing in a tote. They love anything they can climb in, or around or build with, or stack or..or..or...they're just kids having fun!!!

    Little Autumn is getting some teeth now!!! She bites ANYTHING that gets too close.

    Cambry out ready for a ride on the 4-wheeler. She likes to plow the driveway and just go for rides.

    Attempting to sled off of one of the 6' plus snow drifts in our driveway. She loves it and has had a blast with the snow...though it's been in the negative numbers lately (all day, we haven't made it past 0 in the last few days). She's had to stay in the last little while, but when we can...the snow is fun!!

    Here's little Autumn's "fun in the snow." Our friends gave her the cute coat for Christmas, and I just bundle her up in it and all her blankets, then pull her along for a little fun in the snow and some fresh air!!!

    Autumn and Cambry taking a much needed bath.

    Cambry "striking a pose" for me.

    Autumn playing with Cambry and being the happy little girl she is!!

    Many of you know that we bought and sold some property in Blackfoot, well that money went right into this...yep a hospital up in Ashton Idaho....We're the proud owners of the old Ashton Memorial....

    This is Cambry watching a movie on one of our many trips. We bought a Chevy Uplander and have loved it ever since. Cambry loves it because there is a built in DVD player. I love it because there is more room and it's easy to load the kids...Ryan still thinks it's a truck.....

    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Christmas at Baadsgaards

    Cambry and Brocston riding the horse "Rosie" together!! Brocston is 7 months younger than Cambry and they are expecting a little brother in a week!!! Broc is excited to get to play football with his little brother!!!
    Building a tower as big as they are!!! ONLY to knock it down the next second!!!
    Newly wed's Tyson and Ryan's little sister Karlee!!! What a happy couple they are!!! Ha Ha Ha.
    Ashlee, Autumn and Broc, all getting some loving at lunch!
    "Auntie Ashlee said that these taste good....hummm limes...."

    Christmas Time is Here Again!!

    Ryan and the girls, sitting around the fire....some might notice something a little odd about the tree!!! Yep, first it's tilted to one side, and second it is tied to the hook! Cambry decided that she wanted to get an ornament off one of the top branches, and pulled a chair over, then tried tugging the ornament off the branch, which resulted in tipping the entire tree over and dumping the water out, but not breaking a single ornament (or child). She got a talking to, and time out, only 'cause I couldn't reach her until the tree was tipped back up, and by then my temper had cooled a bit. (She had been spoken to earlier about touching the tree, but that didn't stuck until the tree "fell over".)
    Cambry and Autumn hamming it up together!!
    Princess Autumn!!! Crawling?!?!!!
    Princess Ry-Ry, Talking!!
    Cousin Brocston helping "feed" Autumn at G-ma Baadsgaards!!

    Holiday Fun

    Decorating the Gingerbread houses with G-ma Bliesner.

    Cambry's house that she decorated...Autumn in the background...smiling.

    Sweet sisters's playing.

    Sweet little sisters playing together.

    Autumn has learned how to sit-up, crawl (beyond the army crawl) and even pull herself up at the sofa and walk around it, holding on. She's tried letting go a few times and just topples right over, but I'm sure she'll be running by the time she's 9 months. She's 7 nearly 8 months now!!! What a big girl!!!
    You can't really see them too well, but she has her bottom two teeth through, but that's all that are showing up right now. By now Cambry had all four front teeth (2 top 2 bottom) and was working on her next set of teeth. Autumn takes her time at eating and crawling, so her teeth are also taking their time coming in.
    At the ward Fiesta Christmas party. My friend Beth is holding Autumn and laughing...
    Cambry with Santa!!! She doesn't like to look at the camera right now....she's on strike!!

    Autumn with Santa.

    This was Cambry's 1st Christmas....Do Autumn and Cambry look alike??? (Dec 2004)

    Family Pictures

    Here's my happy family. My friend Sheena came out one blowy-cold day and took these family pictures, in between wind/rain storms....

    My sweetheart and I, with our little girls.
    Under the tree, with my christmas tree's in the background.

    Little Autumn and I. I was pinching her cheeks to get her to smile....but got caught!!!

    Me and my sweet little girls.

    Ryan and his cutie-pies!!!