Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Party

On the way to the Branch Halloween Party!!!! TEEEEETH!!

I finally got a picture with Autumn wearing the Ears!!! Cute little Lamby!!

While I was gone decorating for our Branch Party, Ryan and the girls played with sidewalk chalk, and drew me a mermaid.

Close-up of my Princess!!
What's a Snow White costume, without her being in the "Woods". ha ha ha ha!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Halloween Early.

Nothing like a donut on a string...

Or two people who love each other, to try to EAT the donut at the same time....

Princess Snow White won some teeth!!!!

Autumn loved the cookies.

Cambry in her costume that I made. We went to our old wards Halloween Party!!!

Fall has Fallen

Cambry at Preschool playing in the leaves. We only have evergreens at our house, so no leaves.

Little Cambry Pile!!

Striking a pose.

Happy Birthday Mom.

I could hear something one day, then couldn't find Autumn....The noise was her dragging the step stool over to the Freezer and climbing on it to get down the licorice.....silly girl.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cabinets, Birthdays and Fall Fun

Cousin Carson turned 6 at the end of September.

Autumn loves Corn!!!

New Cabinets and Window, coming right up!!!!! Not to mention a new paint job in the Kitchen...What a fun surprise. Thank you sweetheart!

New cabinets prior to the countertops being put on.

Lainey and Cambry posing at the American West where they had fun Fall day activities and things to do.

My little Lamby.

Need I say more?

Grandpa Bliesner found the way to Autumn's heart, by feeding her popcorn.

Cambry got to ride on a pony. Autumn had ridden earlier, but she had been playing with Daddy and I had the camera!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our Fall Has Begun......

Cambry and Autumn love to hang out and play together. Lately whatever Cambry is doing, Autumn has to be doing it also, sometimes to the annoyance of big sister Cambry. But most of the time you know what room they are in due to the laughter or shouting, and it's a wonderful sound to have filling our home. They are excited (more Cambry than Autumn) about having a new little sister. If you tell Autumn that there's a baby in mommy's tummy, she runs and gets a baby doll and sets it on my tummy. It's cute, but it'll be an interesting year!!!

Recently we went to Logan for Birthday's and fun. We went out on a Saturday and watched Aaron and Dad fly their airplanes around and watched some of the other guys fly their large-small crafts around. We only saw one or two "bad" crashes, but otherwise it was a fun time. Although I put some sunblock on Autumn and as you can see she had a reaction to the sunblock and "broke out" with a bit of a rash. I felt really bad, and we washed the sunblock off and her eyes out, but it got a little worse, then finally started to clear up....oddly we've used that sunblock 100's of times before, it just happened to not like her that day.

Dad flying one of his planes. He recently got a "big one" but it's not put together yet, so maybe next spring we'll get to see it fly.

I ran up with the girls to visit Ryan at a job in Island Park and we took a day to run over to Mesa Falls and play with the girls.

I love my little girls....

Autumn enjoying a powdered donut......Yep it made a HUGE mess, but hey you only live this life once!!!! ha ha ha.

Sweet little Autumn loves her Daddy! And he's nothing but putty in her hands!!!

Cambry loves to "strike a pose" whenever the camera comes out now. Several times she'll say, "mom take a picture, I'm cute," then strike a silly pose. I love it.

No one else was really around, so we tried for our own family picture. I think it turned out well, and their is a huge waterfall right behind us, and it was fun to watch Ryan hurry after Autumn as she walked around and grabbed onto the fence. I asked if it made him nervous, and he said yes, 'cause if she laid down she could slip under the fence...or....or..or......

Daddy showing Autumn all the water and where the falls were going.

On another trip to help Ryan when his truck broke down we stopped at Applebee's and Autumn was having fun with the sugar packets, and saying "hi" to everyone that went by. She has several words downs. They are: "Hi, oweeee, and mama". Everything is owee if she steps on it, is knocked over or hugged too much. Daddy is called mama and she will stand at the door and cry for Ryan, all the while she is yelling, "Mama" at the door.

Daddy taking some time to read to his little girls.

Playing in the sun, one last time. It's rained and snowed and blowed here the last week. We've had temp. from the 30's to the 70's in a span of two days, and it's snowed, one day, then turns into the hottest day of the year, the next day. But we had to go out and play one day.

My silly girls.

I sat under an umbrella so I wouldn't roast!!! So Cambry came to visit me, and I got a fun picture!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Who's Inside

Well we went today to find out who's inside....anyone want to venture a guess??? Let's just say, Cambry cried the entire time because it wasn't a little brother. WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER LITTLE GIRL!!! I'm excited 'cause everything looked really good and healthy and the heart looked normal. Cambry was bawling the whole time so the tech had to mostly talk to my while Ryan tried to calm Cambry down. It didn't really work, she cried and cried and cried....Oh well. All we have to do now is come up with a little girls name, so if anyone has got a good one, send it our way!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baby Update

Hi gang, my computer/internet went on the fritz and I've been out for 3 weeks, so I thought that I would just add a small update. We will be finding out who's inside this Friday, so if anyone wants to know.....give me a call....ha ha ha. Congrats to Randon and Liz, who had a little baby boy come join their family. Also Congrats to Micah and Clint who added a little girl to their family, and congrats to my cousins, Janeen and Corey who added a little boy. I'm sure I'm missing a few others, but like I said, I've been out for a few weeks......I'll add pic's of Logan and other fun things tomorrow....right now I've got to go finish watching the debate (blah) and put my girls to bed.